With the Mt. Polley disaster becoming of one the top news stories of the year, the provincial government is shedding some light on what they would like to see in 2015.

Minister of Energy and Mines Bill Bennett says learning from the disaster will be part of the governments new year’s resolution.

“We have three investigations that are ongoing and we’ll get reports from all 3 of those investigations.”

“We also inspected 98 tailings impoundment facilities in the province, so at some point in 2015 we’ll have a lot of information that we can then I think, draw some conclusions from and at that point we’ll decide what needs to happen in terms of guiding the mining industry moving forward.”

The investigation meanwhile into what caused the breach is not expected to be released until January 31st, although Bennett says there will be some time before it is made available to the public.

“I want to be clear it’s going to be finished and handed into government and to the First Nations by January 31st.”

“It will take some time to review the results of the investigation before we’ll be in a position to release it publicly and talk about it.”