Shawn Greenlaw

I think a lot of people like to put themselves in a box. Whether it’s ‘sports fan’ or ‘foodie’ or ‘ford owner’ (we call this one ‘simpleton’ in the Greenlaw house). But honestly? I’ve never really wanted that for myself. I’m just… Shawn! And that’s what you’ll get with my show!

I’m the middle child in a family of six, which I think is where I learned to project my voice. I was both the annoying little brother AND the annoyed older brother all in one life! What a deal, eh!? I’m a nerd who loves D&D, video games, movies, and every now and again I try my hand at cooking something edible.

Whether we’re chatting on your lunch break, chilling at home after a long day, or hitting the road together, every minute of it is the 100% authentic Shawn Greenlaw. And that means I’ll be hitting you with offside takes, off the wall energy, challenges to your perspective, but most importantly, a good time. All from the heart! I wish there was a better way for me to describe my show to you, but its really one of those things you have to hear for yourself!

On my show, everyone is welcome. I’m a proud ally, and I’m passionate about inclusive initiatives that unite us. You’ll catch me talking about those from time to time on the air as well. There is no room for bigotry here!

I’ve been in the Cariboo since February 2023, and getting to know beautiful B.C coming from eastern Alberta has been an experience and a half, and I’m looking forward to building even more memories as the years flash by! Rock on!