Mary Sjostrom, the Cariboo Regional District Director for Area A, says it will take place Tuesday (Feb 5) afternoon between 3-30 and 6-30 at the Lodge, just off Highway 97 in Quesnel.

Sjostrom says it will explain a proposed increase to pay for the system…

“We’ve go some increase pressures with regard to the services, WorkSafe BC has got some requirements around new regulations and we’ll have to have another staff person so I just think it’s really important that people understand that they get the opportunity to come out and get an explanation.”

Sjostrom says it is a very unique service…

“There is over 1700 users on this service, and that includes quite a large portion of the Southhills neighbourhood as well, so folks from Southhills, even though they are in the City, they do have the service of the Red Bluff sewer, so they might want to pop over as well and find out.”

Sjostrom says they are also doing an evaluation of the system because there is a demand for more people wanting to come onto Red Bluff sewer, and she says they are not sure of the capacity.

That too will be discussed at the open house.