The gold pan is not being removed and 150 thousand dollars of local tax payer’s money is not being used to do it.

Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson is putting those social media rumours to bed…

“I think people need to understand that social media amplifies a few voices to the extent that people think that the entire community is up in arms, that is simply not the case. There are a couple of misinformed people who made a post, even when the info from the city we put up, they still wanted to remain in their misinformed state.”

Simpson says the city is rebranding itself, a process that has been underway for months now in association with local businesses and local residents.

The Mayor says the Gold Pan City brand is dated and it was agreed that they needed to reposition Quesnel to attract residents, investors and visitors that use the web and the internet as a place to try to figure out what our community is all about.

Simpson adds that 100 percent of the funding for this project has come from outside sources of funding.

He says they are doing a soft launch right now and the full brand will be released in the New Year.