Emcon crews in Quesnel are busy working on the Quesnel-Hixon Road just south of Landry Road, north of Cottonwood slide.

John Andrushko, Division Manager for Emcon Services for Quesnel and the surrounding area said they were notified that the shoulder was washing out onto the road.

“We worked on it last night and we were there again today and tomorrow. We saved the road and we’ll be working on it until probably the middle of next week where we’ll have all the riffraff placed, it’s currently safe, it’s just single lane right there.”

Andrushko said this is a known area for when the high water comes.

On the Quesnel-Hixon road, the old Prince George Highway, Adrushko said it’s closed, it is still actively moving and is sluffing into the Cottonwood River but we have barricades on the south end of the Quesnel-Hixon on the hill and barricades on the north end of the bridge down in the canyon to keep all traffic out.

Andrushko added there are no works currently happening within the slide area. The slide area itself is such an enormous area that it’s still being determined by Ministry Geotechnical people.