The Cariboo Regional District offices in 100 Mile House and Williams Lake will be closed tomorrow (February 19th) for walk-ins but phone lines will remain open for inquiries.

Manager of Communications, Chris Keam said they’ll be closed for the day to focus on some of the things they need to do in advance for the upcoming seasons.

“Spring freshet is coming up really fast that we’re already seeing warming temperatures and we want to be prepared and ready for that so there’s a bit of work to be done in the office just in terms of procedures, and planning and preparing for those sorts of things.”

With temperatures expected to reach plus-12 on Sunday and a 60 percent chance of showers on Monday, Keam has this reminder

“It’s probably a great time for me to mention to people to really be aware that flooding is happening faster and in unexpected places that we haven’t seen before. Typically we would see the creeks and rivers swell up and overflow their banks but we have some groundwater now that flooding may come from places we haven’t seen it before.”

Keam said a lot of the rivers are frozen at the moment but there are some places where there is running water.

Keam added if you have a culvert on your property it really helps to keep them clear to keep any meltwater that we do have flowing.