25-year old Catherine Adams spent all day yesterday in court defending herself against a charge of breaching her probation conditions on an animal cruelty conviction.

Another day is needed however, and that date will be set on May 21st.

The crown called three witnesses to the stand yesterday, a parole officer, a Special Constable with the BC SPCA and an RCMP Constable.

The trial will pick up with Adams cross-examing the final witness.

Adams and her mother Karin were convicted of animal cruelty following an SPCA investigation in Houston back in 2014.

They were sentenced in Smithers in October of 2015 and received a six month conditional sentence and three years probation.

Conditions of that sentence included a ban on owning or being in the custody of animals.

Adams was arrested again in Quesnel in July of 2018 after the SPCA says it seized 16 dogs from a rural property.

The SPCA says the animals were in distress and being kept in crates that were too small for their size in a poorly ventilated area, with little or no access to water and on feces and urine soaked matting.