2018 was another good year out at the Quesnel Airport.

Jon Pucek (Puh-check) is the new Airport Supervisor…

“So for our total numbers for movement we were sitting at 6,278 and for Central Mountain Air, passengers movements were, Central Mountain Air had 15,870 passengers on scheduled flights.”

Pucek says both of those numbers were down a little from 2017 mostly because there was less fire fighting activity…

“We had about 10 helicopters based here this past year. But in 2017 we actually had a fire base set up with more equipment so we were down from that I guess, but in general,compared to previous years, we were still quite a bit higher, probably about 25 percent higher traffic.”

Pucek says Central Mountain Air numbers were down slightly, mainly due to the airline going from three daily flights down to two.

As for changes in 2018, Pucek says they implemented a new navigation system which reduces the ceiling heights to about 300 feet from 750, and he says they also did some renovations to the lobby for a more modern and contemporary look.