The barrel racing finals have gotten underway today in Williams Lake despite the rain.

Sponsorship Director Karen Yarowski says you can expect to see a lot of local riders.

“There’s quite an enormous amount of local between 100 Mile, Williams Lake, and Quesnel that compete in the BCBRA. I’m going to say at least 60 or more are local.”

Approximately 250 riders and their families will be at the Williams Lake Stampede grounds, which according to Yarowski will be a major economic boost to the city.

“Eating in town, eating out, they’ll be shopping. Hopefully, they’ll support the businesses that have done sponsorships to the BCBRA for blanket sponsors, saddle sponsors, and buckle sponsors that get handed out at the end.”

Yarowski says minimum money added for the event to be paid out to riders is about $25,000.

The racing finals wrap up on Sunday featuring Open, Junior, and Senior Races.