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Residents of Mountain Moore Rally for Frizzi Road Access

Residents of Moore Mountain Road gathered together at the entrance of today’s slated closure of Frizzi Road access to demand openness and honesty from the City and normal access to their homes.

Steve Ashley has been driving up and down the road each and every day to go to work and says although there was a minor washout, it can happen it on any road.

“You got the terrain, you got heavy rains at time, but it certainly wasn’t an issue on this road for any of us traveling,” he said.

“It didn’t prevent me from traveling up and down that day, and I travel every day. It’s just part of nature, it can happen anywhere in this City.”

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Michael Moore, who has lived in the area his entire life for 25 years, says he has driven the City’s suggested alternative access-the River Valley access at Comer Street a few times when Frizzi was under maintenance by the City.

“I found it very unsafe,” Moore said.

“I’ve had close calls with pedestrians because there is no way of knowing that they’re there on the blind corners even though you’re driving slow they have dogs and children running around. I find it very unsafe road and very blinding in a lot of spots.”

Moore adds that there have been no signs posted or letters to them saying Frizzi Road was being considered to be unsafe.

“As far as we know this is a safe road and we’ve driven it for years,” he said.

Also expressing similar views to Michael and Ashley is Barry Moore who has lived in the Moore Mountain area since 1979.

He says he is concerned for his 93-year-old mother and also pedestrians.

“We have to have ambulance access. We talked to the CRD yesterday and they said yes, they have to it’s required by law that they have to have minimal access which means a graveled road for an ambulance to get to their house which is required by law,” Barry said.

“I don’t like that little trail through the valley…You do not mix as many traffic as with uses this road with pedestrians. You just don’t.”

Mayor Walt Cobb responded to the controversy later this morning and says although the residents are upset, the decision has been made.

“We have contacted them and well I actually I have an email and I’ve responded by phone to try and get a hold of them but there is a meeting scheduled for Monday morning,” Cobb said.

“We tried today but there are two or three members of Council who are not here.”

The announcement of the temporary closure of Frizzi Road Access was officially made by the City in a press release issued Thursday.

Residents are requesting the City to step down immediately on their closure of Frizzi Road, stop or remove the gate they are installing to block access, and make the decision to begin open, honest, consultation with the residents, public, and other government bodies in the New Year.


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