The MP for Cariboo-Prince George is gearing up for a full day of debate on what he calls the national crisis created by the “illegal” rail blockades that have shut down much of the country’s rail system.

Todd Doherty, also the Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, says the Prime Minister has so far been missing in action…

“Canadians from coast to coast to coast are asking where our Prime Minister has been. He has been putting his attention elsewhere when everything that we do, whether it’s the clothes that you and I are wearing currently, the logs that are sitting in West Fraser’s lot right now or Dunkley’s lot right now, the grain that goes form the prairies worldwide, it all moves by rail.”

Doherty says the way he sees it, we’ve allowed a small group of economic disruptors to have just a disastrous effect on our economy, and put the livelihood and prosperity of First Nations and non First Nations in jeopardy.

We asked Doherty what he would like to see happen…

“I would like to see it end peacefully and make sure that we can get our goods to market, I would like to see the Wet’suwet’en people and the 20 First Nations that voted in favour of economic prosperity, that they all get a chance to participate in the economic prosperity that this project is going to bring. This is a project that is good for our region, it’s good for First Nations and it’s good for our country.”

The protesters say they are blocking the lines in solidarity with Wet’sewet’en hereditary chiefs who oppose the proposed construction of a natural gas pipeline through their territory in northern B.C.