A Quesnel resident is in the running of a voter driven contest to be on the cover of Inked Magazine.

“I’m that typical tomboy so doing something like this was totally out of my comfort zone for sure,” said Mikey McDonald. “I spend a lot of my time as a firefighter and photographer so I don’t really do anything very girly. I’m always more in the guy’s look at stuff so deciding to do something like this was a complete changeup and I wasn’t expecting all the support I got from a lot of friends and family and now random strangers that have added me on Facebook.”

With 42 tattoos, McDonald said one of her tattoos with the most meaning for her is a little motorbike on her forearm that was drawn by her uncle before he had passed away.

“My artist drew it exactly how my uncle had it drawn and it’s my favorite tattoo,” she said. “It always just stands out to me.”

McDonald added that she is eying to get more tattoos and is currently in the process of trying to save up to get a back piece done of the four horsemen.

“The chance of getting to be on Inked Magazine itself would be amazing. I love looking at all the artwork on that book but also I would get to support my tattoo artist,” she said noting all of her tattoos are done by Rich LaChance from Rich With Color Tattoo Studio in Terrace.

“Also there’s a chance to win some money as well and I would love to be able to help support my grandmother and pay off some debts for my parents. Even me and my fiancé right now we’re in the process of trying to get a place but we’d also like to maybe down the road put money towards our wedding and then whatever is left I would love to put money aside to get to paramedic school.”

Voting for the top 20 ends on Feb. 20.