A new Seniors Council will soon be up and running in Quesnel.

City Councillor Mitch Vik is the Chair of the Age Friendly Initiative Committee…

“The motion was to register as a society with the province of B.C. and to name the society North Cariboo Seniors’ Council. With that important decision made, Anna Rankin, who is our Coordinator for this project, she will move immediately to register this society and the work now begins is how we populate this new Board with effective community members who can rally for seniors issues in our community.”

Vik says the Council will be guided by the goals of the age friendly assessment that was done back in 2018…

“To be seniors focused when it comes to outdoor spaces, public buildings, transportation and housing, social participation and recreation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and information, communication information, and lastly community support in health services, so those are the main elements of what the drive will be for the Seniors Council.”

Vik says they hope to have a good candidates list by their next meeting in October.

Mayor Bob Simpson says it will be great to have one voice for seniors as opposed to a fractured one like that there has been for quite some time now in the community.