It has been a wet start to the month in Williams Lake, but not so much in the Quesnel area.

Environment Canada’s Bobby Sehkon goes over a few of the numbers so far…

“We’ve seen a little bit drier July so far in Quesnel, just 16.4 millimeters of precipitation this July, whereas Williams Lake has already had 43.1 millimeters of precipitation, and the averages are 65 millimeters and 52 millimeters respectively.”

Sehkon says Williams Lake will likely pass it’s average of 52.7 millimeters.

The record for precipitation in the Lake City in July is 197 millimeters in 1982.

Quesnel’s record, meanwhile, is 151 millimeters and that was set back in 1948.

Looking ahead, Sehkon says it looks like the active pattern will continue for the Cariboo…

“The unsettled pattern seems to continue for the next week where we’ve got chances of showers for most days, and depending on how those showers play out, we could add significantly to our precipitation totals for the month, you know we could see easily another 20 millimeters over the next week or two.”

Sehkon does have good news for the Chilcotin, which has seen road washouts due to the water levels on the Chilcotin River, as that area is not expected to see precipitation over the next couple of days.