The community of Wells will be featured on CBC Television’s Still Standing next week.

It airs at 7 pm on Tuesday (December 11th) night and it can also be seen at the Sunset Theatre.

Karen Jeffery is the Artistic Director at the theatre…

“They featured various stories and people. Peter Corbett is an artist there and Julie Fowler who runs Island Mountain Arts and Arts Wells Festival and then we have James Douglas himself with the Fred Wells show, and they did skidooing and the outdoor area as well, so it’s a little bit of cross section of everything in Wells.”

Jeffery says Jonny Harris, at the end, then does a stand-up routine on the people he met and the things he did while in the community.

She says the locals loved it and are excited to see the final product.

Jefferey says it is a great opportunity to showcase the community as well.