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Tarp City In Quesnel To Come Down Within Thirty Days !!!

Quesnel City Council has taken a step to remove the so-called tarp city that has sprung up on Warden Street in West Quesnel.

A remedial action order to remove the tarps, wood structure, trailers and any other hidden debris has been unanimously endorsed by Council.

Tanya Turner is the Director of Development Services…

‘The city must provide 30 days for the owner to complete the required remedies. Should the actions not be taken in that time frame, the city may carry out work to remedy the nuisance and charge the cost associated with doing so back to the property owner.”

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This action has been taken because Council considers the tarp structure a nuisance under section 74 of the Community Charter.

The owner, Byron Antonovich, now has until August 19th to comply.

The action follows numerous complaints that began back on June 25th

Turner outlined some of them at a special Council meeting on Tuesday night….

“They include late disturbing noise, fires, vandalism of city infrastructure, number of people coming and going from the structure, accumulation of materials having been seen hauled into the site, human waste being deposited on the site, hydro being run from an apartment building to the site across city right of way, impact on property values for the properties currently for sale on the block.”

Turner says the property owner was advised that this structure was not a permitted use for the property and that it must be taken down immediately, but she says no action has been taken and that since then another trailer has appeared on the site.

Turner says the RCMP have attended the site several times…

‘The RCMP say the structure is dangerous for members to enter because there is a narrow maze like entrance with limited visibility. The RCMP report that at the site there is an established fire pit, occupants who are openly hostile to police, potential weapons such as axes, signs of drug use and hypodermic needles as well as the smell of human waste.”

Some on Council, including Scott Elliott, were a little frustrated that something couldn’t be done sooner…

“This is absolutely untenable. I can’t believe that this is taking place in our city and i understand that everybody has their own rights but what about the rights of the residents ? There are no toilets on the site, upwards of ten people staying there at one time, so you can only imagine what is taking place. For us not to be able to do something on this for 30 days is just, i can’t believe what the residents on that side are going through, so i back this 100 percent, but there’s got to be changes so we can get in and do things quicker. We’ve talked before about having repeat appearances by emergency officials and the RCMP, the owner should be billed every time that this takes place.”

Mayor Bob Simpson noted that if the property owner were to declare a trespass they would be able to deal with it quicker.

He also talked about how area residents were being effected…

“I know one of the homeowners on that street was planning on taking a vacation but can’t know because they’re afraid that their home will be taken over by one of these individuals, and one of the properties across the street is for sale and that individual knows that they have no hope of selling that property whatsoever with that tarp, whatever that is, across the street from them.”

The structure is located on a vacant parcel on the property in a residential neighbourhood between two single family residences.

There is also an apartment complex to the rear and there are several residences across the street.

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