An immediate ban on the retailing of medical and recreational cannabis in all zones until provincial policies are considered and a ban on smoking marijuana in all public spaces.

Those are two of several recommendations passed at last night’s Quesnel City Council meeting in advance of the proposed legalization of recreational cannabis.

Mayor Bob Simpson is quick to point out though, that this is just a starting point…

“We are not going to be a no go zone, we are not going to be prohibition or anything like that. This is just setting a foundation so we can get some control over this and we can do it in a rational manner.”

Councillor Ron Paull, part of the Public Safety and Policing Committee, says it’s important to note that these resolutions are in advance of proposed legislation and not following legalization…

“Basically what we’re doing here is shutting the door completely and that we can open it as slowly as we wish.”

Mayor Simpson says cannabis is being treated more like alcohol than tobacco in regards to not using it in public places, such as in a vehicle.

Council also passed a resolution to refuse to support license applications for any businesses currently operating illegally.

Bylaws on these recommendations will be put in front of Council at the February 20th meeting.