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Pioneer Log Homes Cedar Rocket Nets $350,000 US For Veterans

UPDATED with Byran Reid Sr of Pioneer Log Homes.

The world’s fastest motorized log car built by Pioneer Log Homes of B.C sold for $350,000 after being auctioned not once but three times Friday at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“It was quite the buildup you know,” says founder of Pioneer Log Homes, Byran Reid Sr.

“We had a lot of people come by and say they were going to bid on it and I’d like to bid on it, but the proof is in the pudding and it came down to the minute at the auction. We would have been happy with $100,000 to tell you the truth.”

The Cedar Rocket was first sold for $175,000 with the buyer donating the car to be auctioned again.

It then sold for $100,000 and was donated for one last time where it was auctioned and sold for $75,000.

“The car is still on display; they brought it back it back to our booth. We got until tomorrow and then the owner is going to have the car taken to Virginia,” says Reid.

“He has a museum with the Bat Mobile and that in it. So it’s going to sit next to the Bat Mobile.”

All proceeds from the sale of the 2015 Pioneer Cedar One Custom Roadster, according to Reid will be donated to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 139, the Congressional Medal of Honour Society, Yellow Ribbon America out of Southern California, and the Boot Campaign out of Texas.

“I went to see them and it’s best that we just give it to Branch 139 and they can do how they want to distribute it out,” he says.

“We’ll just leave it up to them.”

Reid adds that it was a very emotional experience seeing the Canadian and America flags as the most decorated military man alive in the US made a great speech in which the whole auctionary stood with a standing ovation before bidding opened.

“America has no king or queens, no dukes or duchesses, but we do have a nobility and that nobility is our veterans,” said Medal of Honor recipient, Maj General Patrick Henry Brady.

“Veterans all kind of have the same mission. We believe life has no meaning unless it’s lived for the benefit of future generations, and the Medal of Honor Society we’re dying. We’re a great veterans organization; we’re trying to build a museum, and god willing we will die and there will be no more to take our place. In the meantime a lot of the old guys out there we’re starting to worry about our legacy,” he said.

“Dated that piece of wood 1776, without them and without great Americans we would not have the legacy of character development program, we would not give scholarships, we wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing if it were just guys like me. So the people who do this, I don’t what the blue book is on this sucker but somewhere out there in the hearts of some great America patriots, there’s a number. God bless you.”

The idea for the Cedar Rocket was first conceived in 2014 after Bryan Reid Sr. (Pioneer Log Homes’ founder and President), along with his friends Gerald Overton and Louis Horschel had visited the Barrett Jackson car auction in Scottsdale.

“The trio started pondering how they could integrate the million-dollar car market and the million-dollar home market, all the while improving the lives of others,” reads the official website for Pioneer Log Homes.

The Cedar Rocket claimed the title of the world’s the fastest motorized log on the set of HGTV Timber Kings at the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona on January 20, 2016, after having reached a speed of 76.669 kilometers per hour according to Guinness World Records.

The handcrafted car from a 240-year-old Western Red Cedar is powered by both lithium batteries and  turbines and weighs approximately 1000 kg (2200 lbs).

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