100 Mile House Mayor Mitch Campsall says he was not surprised that they had to extend the evacuation notice for the District for at least another seven days yesterday.

We asked him about that this morning.

“When you think, I call it the monster, when you think of that monster out there, I’m not surprised. Do I want it ? No, I would love to see cars going up and down the street but people’s safety is number one.”

Campsall says the BC Forest Service is doing an incredible job and will let them know when people can return.

“They understand how the fire works, they know what they’re doing and when they’re telling us it’s not safe we trust them and there is a good reason to trust them, that’s all they do, when they say its safe we’ll be the first ones to put it out on the radio and get people home.”

Campsall says it was a good day yesterday although he is quick to point out that by a good day he simply means that the Gustafson wildfire didn’t grow and there was some progress.