It’s kind of a case of been there done that for the Mayor of Quesnel when it comes to the U-S countervailing duties on softwood lumber.

Bob Simpson says he doesn’t see much of an impact, if any on local mills, at least in the foreseeable future…

“Our industry here are very good at what they do. Tolko, C & C and West Fraser will all have projected for countervail and anti-dumping duties into this year’s financial statements and next year’s financial statements.”

Simpson says while Canadians and industry see the tariffs as wrong, the number wasn’t irrational in terms of what was expected.

He also says it comes at a good time…

“In terms of a best case scenario to deal with this worst case scenario you’ve got the best case scenario on the market side. If it had been occurring at a low demand and low price that is a whole different ballpark for these companies.”

Simpson says we just have to ride this out, as it is lumber number five and not the first time we’ve faced this, and hope for a managed trade solution as soon as possible.