Ontario’s Wiarton Willie and Alberta’s Balzac  illy are two famous Canadian groundhogs who have been predicting for years whether or not we’ll have six more weeks of winter or six more weeks til spring.

It’s always a fifty-fifty gamble with them so we went to the experts and asked Environment Canada Meteorologist Elyssa Charbonneau for her prediction.

“Winter is still very much with us. We have that ridge of high pressure, that cold Arctic air that’s moved into place over the Interior of BC and actually right  to the Coast so temperatures are forecast to remain below normal and we do have some flurries that might come in for the weekend as well”.

Chabonneau also said there is a hint that towards the latter part of next week there is a warming trend that’s showing up on their forecast model which should move us closer to our seasonal normal high of minus one and  a low of minus 11