The Soda Creek/Frizzi Road Railway Crossing in Williams Lake will be closed for a couple of days after extensive damage last week to CN’s secondary line.

Manager of Public Works Matt Sutherland said the area is scheduled for complete repair on Tuesday, April 30 and Wednesday, May 1.

“For those two days the complete crossing will be shut down to all traffic,” he said.

“It will be closed right off while the work is getting done. Signs will be posted and we will notify everybody in the area.”

Sutherland said because they won’t know what the full work will entail until they start removing some of the asphalt, it is unclear how much the cost will be to repair.

“The damage was really extensive and it looks like we’re going to have to replace more rail than what was expected in the initial plan,” he said.

“It’s a city-owned crossing just like all the other ones in City limits. The City is responsible for all the upkeep of course, and CN is responsible for replacing the actual rails and making sure everything is good that way so we’re both teaming up together to make sure it’s up to standards for the public to be able to safely cross the tracks.”

The area was damaged last week Thursday after it appears something heavy drove through and ripped out a portion of the track and surrounding timber.

“We’re still unsure about what happened,” Sutherland said.

“We’ve reached out to the RCMP and no reports were made so we’re unaware of how it happened or who may have done the damage.”