Workers at Chances Signal Point Gaming in Williams Lake and Chances Casino in Kamloops will join Unifor Local 3000.

Ninety-nine percent of the 40 employees in Williams Lake voted in favor of joining Unifor on Wednesday with more than ninety-five percent of the 97 workers in Kamloops voting yes last month.

“It was a traditional organizing drive where we had contacted workers and started talking to the workers about the benefits of joining Unifor and the benefits of being unionized in the gaming sector,” said National Director of Organizing for Unifor, Kelli Scanlan.

“Part of what happened here is both these casinos were acquired by a bigger company called Gateway, and I think workers in these two locations given there’s going to be a transition wanted some representation during that transition.”

Scanlan said Unifor has thousands of gaming members and have organized four casinos in 2018.

“Now you see in 2019 two, and we’re continuing to get calls from workers who are looking for representation in gaming,” Scanlan said.

“As gaming grows in the country from coast to coast what we found is that workers benefit by joining a union and getting a legally binding collective agreement.”