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Why School In Quesnel Land Stability Area Isn’t On Consultant’s Chopping Block

A school that many people in Quesnel feel should be a likely candidate for closure is actually in better shape than most in the district.

That information was revealed in a report released at Wednesday (Dec 9) night’s school board meeting by the Cornerstone Planning Group, the consultants hired to do a review of all schools in the district.

They are recommending that Board close Kersley, Parkland and Ecole Baker elementary schools, a move that would save around 835 thousand dollars a year.

Voyageur Elementary, located in the West Quesnel Land Stability area, isn’t on that list which has many in the community asking why.

Superintendent Sue-Ellen Miller addressed the issue at meeting.

She says when assessing schools the province uses what is called a Facilities Index Score and that Voyageur scores a lot better than schools like Quesnel Junior and Baker.

Miller says that is in part because of all the maintenance work they’ve done due to it being in the slide area.

She says a structural engineer, as early as last week, indicated that the school is in good condition.

In fact, when we take a look at the numbers, only Barlow Creek has a better score than Voyageur in the Quesnel School District.

The three worst scores belong to Quesnel Junior School, Bouchie Lake elementary and the Helen Dixon Centre. (see tables below)

The schools that are being recommended by the consultants for closure are Kersley, Parkland and Ecole Baker.

Baker is in the 4th worst condition in the District and while the other two are in good condition the consultants also looked at student capacity.

Kersley was at 57 percent and Parkland just 36.

Top 5 Worst Facilities by FCI
1. QJS (0.63)
2. Bouchie Lake (0.52)
3. Helen Deixon (0.4)
4. Ecole Baker (0.39)
5. Correlieu (0.34)Top 5 Best Facitilies by FCI
1. Barlow Creek (0.13)
2. Voyageur (0.18)
3. Parkland (0.19)
4. Red Bluff (0.21)
5. Nazko (0.24)

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