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Drug Alert issued across the Interior Health Region

A drug alert was put out across the Interior Health Region, after multiple overdoses and fatalities.

Interior Health says a substance sold as cocaine was what brought on the alert, as it was containing fentanyl.

They say that there’s a high risk of a fatal overdose, along with amnesia, sleepiness, heavy snoring and nodding out for a long time.

Interior Health provided tips for those going to use drugs, which include:

  • Finding drug checking locations
  • Starting with a small amount and spacing out the doses
  • Being aware of the risks when mixing other drugs, including alcohol
  • Use with others around or at an Overdose Prevention Site
  • Carry naloxone and know how to use it
  • Get the Lifeguard app

The drug alert was issued yesterday, April 13th, and will be in effect until April 20th.

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