Quesnel’s Board of Education, faced with the possibility of school closures, heard from two passionate groups this week who are trying to save their schools.

Board Chair Tony Goulet says the Parkland and Kersley Community Associations were delegations at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Both of their schools were mentioned in the Cornerstone Planning Group’s scenarios for closure.

In fact, Parkland was mentioned in every option while Kersley was mentioned in 3 of the 4.

Goulet says both groups had several questions…

“Most were for clarification and more information so we’ll have to get back to them. they ranged from everything from funding, rural grants to one of the questions are we open to a partnership, what about delaying the process until we get more information so those types of questions came forward to us.”

Goulet says they promised to get back to the two groups with answers to their questions.

He also cautions that this is an ongoing process and that no decisions have been made.