Multiple properties – including two schools – are up for grabs as School District 27 has declared them as surplus and received permission to dispose of them via sale.

There are six properties in total says Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Futcher who gives a run down of the properties and what they could be used for:

Some of the rural properties – there’s four of them in total that have no buildings on them – could be used for a variety of purposes. The other two are closed schools, but the buildings are in great shape. So they’d be great for an organization or non-profit to utilize them.

Futcher admits that the money from the sale of the properties won’t help the budget shortfall, but could be used for future improvements to existing facilities:

The funds that we receive from selling those properties will have to go into our local capital. So, for example, we can purchase other assets or spend it on larger projects, however we can’t use that to balance our budget.

Buffalo Creek School in the South Cariboo and Kwaleen Elementary in Williams Lake are among the properties being offered through a bidding process.