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Pressure on Poilievre to deliver for Conservatives: UNBC Political Science Lecturer

UNBC Political Science lecturer Jason Morris is taking a wait-and-see approach after Pierre Poilievre was named the new leader of the federal Conservative Party.

He won the leadership race on Saturday, after claiming 68% of the vote on the first ballot.

Morris told Vista Radio northern BC has long been a Conservative stronghold and Poilievre’s positive view of western Canada is good news for party supporters.

“One would expect that local Conservative MP’s should bring Mr. Poilievre out to impress upon the people here whether the west is going to be back in as the saying used to be with a potential Conservative government.”

(Conservative Party Leader candidate Pierre Poilievre. Photo supplied by Conservative Party of Canada)

Repealing the carbon tax and clean fuel standard as well as making it easier for oil and gas projects to be approved are some of the biggest priorities for the newly-elected leader of the Tories as Poiliever attempts to oust beleaguered prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Morris is of the opinion that Poilievre now has to perform at crunch time something previous Tory leaders were unable to do.

“The last few leaders have been less than successful at achieving government. Historically, the Conservatives have had this problem in which, they are very good at the opposition but have trouble showing that they can also lead.”

Furthermore, after such a convincing win it remains to be seen how the Tories’ identity will be shaped going forward.

“With such a tight grip on the leadership, the party can still keep an eye on whether it is a Conservative party or become something new like the Pierre Poilievre party.”

“The new leader is essentially a career politician who is very slick, practiced, and well-managed and probably hard to shake off his game in the heat of election campaigns and parliamentary discourse.”

“As well, and this would be more from him, he likes to remind people that he comes from humble beginnings and that respect argues that he represents the everyday, hard-working Canadian,” added Morris.

Poilievre replaces Erin O’Toole who was ousted as Conservative leader earlier this year.

Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest placed second in the leadership race, tallying 16% of the vote.

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