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Cariboo gun shop manager blasts federal government’s gun control strategy

Why is the federal government spending billions of dollars on gun registries that do nothing, and on buy back programs that demonize lawful gun owners ?

That from Hana Erikson, Manager of Chilcotin Guns, who says that 96 percent of violent gun crime in Canada is committed by those with unregistered, illegally owned firearms.

“What will they do about that ?  Why are they so hell-bent on avoiding the real issue here: illegally trafficked firearms across our border.”

Erikson says many of the prices for firearms listed on the buy back program are so low they are laughable, but she says that’s not the real issue.

“What is most disturbing is the fact that the Liberal Government suddenly seems terrified and obsessed by Canada’s ‘Average Joe’ who has no criminal record, is mentally sound, a contributing member of society, and who has the type of license that most RCMP members have not even bothered to acquire.”

Erikson says Average Joe possesses a firearm that most people will never know he has, and would never have cared that he had because he is a law abiding citizen.

She says he also has the necessary licensing (P.A.L), which means he is screened by the RCMP 365 days a year.

Erikson says violent gun crimes make up a minuscule percentage of crimes in Canada.

“Stats Canada found that gun crime was (and still is) 1/2 of 1% of police-reported crime in Canada.  Of all violent crimes committed in Canada, 3% of those are gun-related.”

Erikson says the Liberal government is well aware of these numbers.

She says the gun registry and the buy back program are designed to attempt to please the millions of people in Canada who know nothing of the actual stats behind gun violence.

“They hear the Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland saying in the House of Commons that ‘military style assault rifles terrorize our communities’.  The average Canadian doesn’t know that an ‘assault rifle’ isn’t even a legal term in Canada, and that a ‘military style’ weapon is one that has fully automatic capabilities and high capacity magazines, both of which are strictly prohibited in Canada.”

Erikson says most Canadians have no idea that gun crime is so low and are committed by criminals with no licensing.

She says the government is instead choosing to strip good, law abiding citizens of their possessions, and create a false sense of security for those that have no information but what they are being told by their leaders.

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