Cole Dinsdale, a grade 11 student at Correlieu, placed 15th out of 239 boys in tough conditions as they were running in ankle deep mud due to some heavy rain.

Brandon Balbirnie, a grade 11 student at Peter Skene Ogden in 100 Mile House, also got an award for placing 24th.

Getting back to Correlieu runners…Dane Jacobsen was 69th overall.

The boy’s team placed 16th out of 28.

Jared Hamelin and Scott Sargent are the other two members of that team.

The girls were 9th out of 24 and received a ribbon for cracking the top 10.

Olivia Baptiste, despite battling the flu, was still a very respectable 50th out of 218.

Kyra Teetzen was 54th, Olivia Moody was 58th and Avery Drew, the youngest member of the team in grade 10, was 116th.