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Cariboo motorists feeling pinch at the pumps

   (With files by Brendan Pawliw-MyPGNow)
   Gas prices continue to hit Cariboo residents in the pocketbook.
   A lite of gas was running around $1.74.9 as of this morning in the Quesnel and Williams Lake areas, and around $1.84.9 in 100 Mile House.
   And Dan McTeague, with Canadians for Affordable Energy, says the worst is yet to come.
   “I think a dollar eighty is in the cards. If nothing else, the switchover from winter to summer gasoline will add another three or four cents, and the carbon tax increase is another one or two cents and markets are likely to go up.”

“If you look at Vancouver, it’s two dollars a ten cents a litre. I don’t think we’ll get that high because the tax differential is substantial. Nevertheless, these are the prices were about to pay for the foreseeable future.”

(Photo by DTaylor_MyCaribooNow-staff)

The price at at least one gas station in Williams Lake is now approaching two dollars as well.

McTeague added the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, as well as the Russian Invasion, has put a huge dent in supply.

“It looked like a bit of a cuckhold when the Americans went to Venezuela and Iran begging them for more oil when you shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline that could have delivered the 800-thousand barrels you desperately need. The world is waking up to the green scam because it’s going to cost them and for those that don’t – well, they can wait a little longer.”

“What is a beautiful country like Canada doing when it could be doubling its output to eight and nine million barrels a day without the ability to deliver it through pipelines.  Canadians can really thank our governments for shutting down pipelines and for tolerating foreign-funded activists.”

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