The City of Williams Lake is hoping to use their Aquatic Vegetation Harvester more in 2022.

At tonight’s (Tuesday) City Council meeting, city staff were directed to pursue a new permit to use the machine to clean a larger area of the lake.

“We talk about the opportunity of being able to clean up a larger area, we’re talking about the entire lake,” said Councillor Scott Nelson.

“If that will give us enough data to ensure that our program will successful, and hopefully other communities and other lakes will be able to use the same program.”

In the fall, the Aquatic Harvester was permitted for use in four areas between October 15th and December 31st or when the lake freezes. The Aquatic Vegetation Harvester was used for the first time on October 18th, and the area the city was permitted to cut was completed in about 5 hours.

According to a report from Director of Municipal Services Rob Warnock, over $105,000 has been invested into the harvester.