Environment Canada summed up the weather in the Cariboo for the month of November as being A-typical.

Warning Preparedness Meteorologist for Environment Canada Geoff Coulson said it was warmer and drier than normal.

“Looking at the numbers for Quesnel it was a somewhat warmer than normal month. The average temperature for November was 1 point 7 degrees Celcius and the long-term average is minus 1 point 4. When we look at precipitation also somewhat drier than normal 28 point 2 millimeters of total precipitation and the long-term average is 51 point 3. Williams Lake was also warmer than normal. Average temperature for the month zero point 3 degrees Celcius and the long term average minus 2 point 3. It was also drier than normal 26 point 6 millimeters of total precipitation and the long term average 42 point 2.”

Coulson said the warmest temperature in Quesnel last month was 13 point 1 degrees celcius on November 4th and the coldest was minus 9 point nine on November 1st.

For Williams Lake the warmest day was November 12th at 10 point one degrees Celcius and the coldest was minus 10 point eight on November 17th.

Looking at the month of December Coulson said it’s looking like near normal levels of snowfall for the Cariboo, maybe a little bit snowier than normal.