Premier John Horgan is confident there won’t be major shortages in health care staffing in the province.

Today’s (Tuesday) the deadline for all health care workers in B-C to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

If not, they’ll be placed on unpaid leave.

Horgan states health care institutions have had two months to prepare to fill any vacancies.

Currently, about 34-hundred health care staff are not vaccinated, which is about three percent of the workforce.

The Premier mentioned it’s simply too dangerous to allow them to work with patients who may be vulnerable to contracting the virus.

In addition, the Ministry of Health mentioned to Vista Radio the federal vaccine card is expected to be available in the province by Saturday (October 30th).

It’s expected residents will be able to access it the same as the provincial proof of vaccination via Health Gateway, Ministry of Health’s web service, or via phone and mail options.

with files from Vista Radio news wire