BC farms that employed seasonal workers from other parts of Canada are eligible to receive supports for some costs incurred to keep their workers safe.

The BC Seasonal Domestic Farm Worker COVID-19 Safety Program is offering up to $2,000 reimbursement for on-farm expenses that helped farms comply with COVID-19 health and safety measures his summer.

According to the Province, the program compensates expenses for sanitation priorities such as the purchase, rental, or scheduled cleaning and disinfecting of handwashing stations. bathing and laundry facilities, and bathrooms portable or compost toilets, as well as cleaning, disinfecting products.

This also offers reimbursed costs for infrastructure expenses to keep workers on-farm during employment, such as cooking facilities, shelters, and added WiFi access.

The Province says the program offers up to 70% reimbursement for eligible purchases between April 1st and Oct. 31st to a maximum of $2,000 per farm.