The BC Wildfire Services is reviewing how they communicate wildfire information to the public.

“The 2021 fire season was a very challenging season for many folks, and there were a lot of people impacted by wildfire,” Fire Information Officer Karley Desrosiers says, “it’s an opportunity for us to review our communication practices, how we deliver information, our channels, the quality of information online, things like that. We’d really like to hear what the public has to say, so we know how to direct and continue to focus on future improvements.”

The BC Wildfire Service, working with BC Stats, is conducting a survey on their communications practices. Desrosiers says the questions are general questions, such as ‘have you visited the BC Wildfire Service social media accounts?’, and quality of information.

“We’re just really looking forward to getting that valuable feedback from folks that were impacted,” Desrosiers explains.

Desrosiers says there was nothing specific that led to the review, and it’s ‘been on the agenda for a while now.’