Peaceful Protests were held throughout the Cariboo regarding the vaccine passport mandate.

In Williams Lake, a large group of local community members lined both sides of Highway 97 South yesterday.

A spokesperson for the group said in a media statement that they are not anti-mask or anti-vaccine and that many of them are double vaccinated. And this is a first-time protesting for many of us.

The spokesperson went on to say that they stand against discrimination based on personal health choices and ask their local governments to please stand with them for unity and equal rights and treatment for all citizens regardless of vaccinated status.

The spokesperson added that local business owners should not be forced to discriminate against their customers or employees and that local workers should not be facing unemployment and loss of security because of a personal health choice.

“We have the right to question our policymakers and hold them accountable. That’s what Canada is, a free country. Taking away our choice is taking away our freedom” the spokesperson said.