Minister of Health Adrian Dix held a media briefing to make a quick announcement and to call out people who are unvaccinated in BC.

Dix started off by announcing that the new Dawson Creek hospital in Northern Health is one step closer to being a reality.

“It will be a standalone new hospital and it demonstrates our government’s commitment to Dawson Creek and to healthcare in the north.”

He then changed gears and focused on the unvaccinated individuals who are in the ICU due to COVID-19.

“This number of people unvaccinated, sick in our ICUs, they are receiving some of the best healthcare we have ever seen in the world.”

“However, I want to be very plain. Everyone would rather be doing something else. And everybody needs to get vaccinated. And these numbers demonstrate again the seriousness of COVID-19.”

Dix then said he wanted to talk about “choice”.

“Choosing to stay unvaccinated when we are able to be vaccinated is simply holding a red flag to a virus that spreads to live. You can see it in those critical care numbers.”

“There is absolutely nothing heroic in presenting a target for COVID-19. There is nothing altruistic in attracting its infectious aim.”

Dix added that we need to be fighting the virus with proven science and demonstrated statistics.

“Going up against this virus by going on with our daily lives, unvaccinated and unprotected, helps only the virus. Going up against this virus by going on with our daily lives unvaccinated, when we are eligible to be vaccinated helps only the virus. Going up against the virus by rejecting the facts, the data, the evidence, and the science of its destructive purpose hurts only us all.”

On a lighter note, Dix added that the vaccine card has been downloaded by 1,111,754 people in less than 48 hours, which Dix said is an extraordinary response.