The BC Wildfire Service gave some stats on the wildfire activity in BC as well as the fire suppression efforts across the province.

Since April 1st, there have been 1,566 fires in BC, burning 865,746 hectares of land.

The ten-year average from April 1st to March of next year is 1,352 fires with 348,917 hectares burnt.

There are 223 active fires across the province, 159 are lightning-caused, 18 are human-caused, and 46 are still unknown.

Of the 223 active fires, 16 are of note:

  • The Cutoff Creek blaze in the Prince George Fire Centre
  • The Flat Lake fire in the Cariboo Fire Centre
  • The Mowhokam Creek Fire in the Coastal Fire Centre
  • Michaud and Octopus Creek fires in the Southeast Fire Centre
  • 11 others in the Kamloops Fire Centre

Emergency Management BC gave an update on some of the restrictions currently in place  in BC:

  • 9 band council resolutions across BC
  • 19 states of emergency
  • 21 Evacuation Orders
  • 77 Evacuation Alerts

In terms of how many people are still fighting fires across the province, there are over 3,000 personnel:

  • Over 900 are contractors
  • 580 are out of province resources
  • 110 aircraft