The BC Wildfire Service gave a quick update on the wildfire suppression efforts across the province.

Todd Nessman with the BC Wildfire Service said things have been fairly quiet since the last update.

“Things have gone quite nicely, we’ve had eleven fires in the last two days, all of which were relatively small. I think the largest we had was a four-hectare activity.”

He added the lull has been reflective in the wildfires of note.

“In terms of our fires of note, we are down to 22, which is also showing we are trending in the right direction which is very good and helpful.”

Nessman said areas in the Kamloops Fire Centre and the Cariboo were still concerning, and that they were being watched closely.

There are 238 active wildfires across BC:

  • 52 are in the Prince George Fire Centre, the Cutoff Creek blaze is of note.
  • 26 are in the Cariboo Fire Centre, both the Flat and Young Lake blazes are of note.
  • six are in the Northwest Fire Centre, with the Chief Louie Lake fire of note.

Since April 1st, there have been 1,555 fires to date, burning 861,523 hectares of land:

  • 264 of those fires were in the Prince George Fire Centre.
  • 255 of those fires were in the Cariboo Fire Centre.
  • 57 of those fires were in the Northwest Fire Centre.