A kickoff event to show your support for mental health will be taking place in Williams Lake tomorrow.

Co-creator of the event, Danarae Latin with Exposed Expressions Tattoo Studio says the raising of awareness on mental health is important to her because of her mom.

“My mother deals with mental illness on top of physical illness too, so it’s been quite the struggle for me dealing with this,” she said.

“It’s near and dear to my heart and I just really want to help people who are sort of dealing with the same sort of thing.”

The mental health awareness kickoff which will have some of the community’s mental health practitioners on hand gets underway at noon at the Overlander Convention Centre.

“And anybody who’s anybody can come,” says Latin.

“There’s no ticket sales or anything-you just show up. It’s to make people come out and be a part of it and make them feel that they’re not alone in this because mental health is a huge thing that not a lot people like to talk about; it’s a little under the radar and it shouldn’t be.”

The event is scheduled to wrap up at 4 pm.