The Mayor of Wells says a new potential circle route to Barkerville has emerged.

The original plan was dealt a huge blow in the summer when the Indian Point Bridge was decommissioned but Robin Sharpe says they are now looking at a potential plan B.

Sharpe says the original route ran straight down the Bowron River and was pretty much direct to Purden Lake whereas this one winds around through some of the lakes between the Bowron River and the highway before it comes out about 40 kilometers east of Prince George.

Sharpe says it would probably add about half an hour to the trip but he says it is through some beautiful country that he feels tourists would really enjoy.

He says the road is pretty much all there and wouldn’t require a new section of road bieng built like the original route.

As a result Sharpe says it is probably less than half the cost.

He says he has been working with Cariboo North MLA Coralee Oakes and forestry engineers are now going to drive the new potential route to see exactly what work needs to be done.