The BC Wildfire Service is reporting significant winds resulted in increased fire behaviour in the south and southeast flanks of the Flat Lake Fire. They also say the fire did not cross Highway 97. The fire is listed as 26,191 hectares in size.

At this time, the BC Wildfire Service has NOT made recommendations for the evacuation alert for 100 Mile House to be upgraded to an evacuation order.

Fire Information Officer Rosalie Macaulay says work is being done on containment lines on the Fire South of Canim Lake.

“Crews are making progress on this fire,” Macaulay says, “they have guards around the north, east, and west, and there are crews and heavy equipment working on the guard on the southern end.”

Crews will be continuing to establish a wetline from the northeast corner to the southwest. This fire also was subjected to significant winds, but still remained within established containment lines. The Canim Lake Fire is estimated to be 2,487 hectares in size.

Wildfire Information Officer Madison Smith says there was a lot of wind and rain out near the Purdy Lake Fire, but crews had to withdraw from the site due to the risk of falling trees. She says there was no new growth, and the fire is estimated to be 8,000 hectares in size.

Smith says there was no significant growth at the McKinley Lake Fire, which is listed as 1,834 hectares in size. She also says there was a little bit of rain received on-site, but not much. Crews are working on the north, south, and east side of the fire, patrolling and mopping it up.

Smith says wind in the area pushed the Chasm fire towards the Northwest. Tankers were sent to the area and were able to keep the excursion at about 10 hectares in size. Crews remained on site overnight to reinforce the fireguard and work on the excursion. Smith says this fire is approximately 0.8 kilometres from Highway 97. This fire is estimated to be 410 hectares in size.

The Big Stick Lake fire is estimated to be 7,321 hectares in size. Smith says variable and gusty winds continued to add to extra fire activity on the Northeast part of the fire. She says there was also some action inside the perimeter of this fire as well.

Smith says the Hotnarko Fire demonstrated low-intensity behaviour. Firefighters are working along the north and east sides of the fire to contain the fire perimeter. This fire is estimated to be 1,500 hectares in size.

Smith added that Highway 20 remains open at this time, but crews are on standby to close the highway if needed.

The Young Lake fire is estimated to be 2,631 hectares in size. Smith says there was new growth, but dense smoke has caused a new track of the fire to not be completed. She says the north end saw aggressive behaviour and growth.