The 100 Mile House  RCMP is working with the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) to bring in more security.

The CRD has hired a security team to help police protect the vacant houses during the evacuation orders.

“We are working with the CRD, who has hired a private security company,” said Staff Sergeant Svend Neilson.

“They are to do several checkpoints and the RCMP are working with them directly on location,” he added.

The RCMP has tactical units patrolling various areas and meeting with the security company to let them know what its requirements are…

“They are trying to assist with the security of the evacuated houses as much as possible,” stated Neilson.

They are bringing in more personnel to help protect the properties.

“Today more resources are coming to the area, the North District RCMP has been doing an excellent job in handling every request that we’ve had and all the equipment being supplied to help the community better,” explained Neilson.

The RCMP is noticing an improvement.

“I think it’s getting better on the side of what we can do and as the week progresses it’s going to get even better.”