There was no big winner of the $70-million Lotto Max Jackpot last night, but many other prizes were won in BC.

Seven people, including one person in Williams Lake, won $134,170. Those seven people had 6 out of 7 matching numbers, as well as the bonus number correct, and will take home 2.5% of the pool’s fund.

According to the Lotto Max website, the odds of winning this prize are 1 in 2,756,400, and the odds of winning the Jackpot (7/7 numbers correct) are1 in 33,294,800.

Elsewhere in BC, MaxMillions prizes were won in Prince George (split prize of $500-thousand), two were won in Kamloops (one was split with a winner in Quebec), and Vancouver, Richmond, Burns Lake, Chilliwack, and Hope had one Max Millions winner each.

Last night’s winning numbers were 11 14 15 24 34 43 37, and the bonus number was 36.

The extra prize’s winning numbers were 1 68 93 95.