The North Cariboo Joint Advisory Committee has approved a bit of a switcheroo when it comes to the 2021 capital plan.

$22,500, that was budgeted for 40 new box stalls at Alex Fraser Park, will be reallocated.

Jeff Norburn is the Director of Community Services.

“The intent was that the Alex Fraser Park Society would apply for a grant and the $22,500 would provide leverage funding to secure that grant, but the Society later determined that that project wasn’t a priority for them, and subsequently they didn’t apply for the grant funding.”

Norburn says that money could now be added to $21,700 that was already allocated for drainage improvement this year.

“Those drainage improvements are part of a larger drainage plan, the comprehensive plan for the park that was developed by Urban Systems in 2018.  The 5-year capital plan actually includes 182 thousand dollars in total, over three years from 2021, 2022, to 2023, to do that work.”

Norburn says some of the work that identified in the 2018 plan, mostly at the north end of the park, has been done.

But he says there is still a considerable amount of work throughout the park that was part of that plan that has not been completed.

Norburn says they recently met with the Alex Fraser Park Society and Urban Systems and reviewed the priorities.

He says adding the $22,500 to the money that has already been budgeted would be enough to do the work around the agriculture building, which was considered the highest priority within that plan.