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BC Drivers reminded to share road with horses and riders

As the weather starts to get warmer for the summer months, cars will not be the only mode of transportation on BC Roads this year.

BC Drivers are reminded to be aware of others on the road, including horses and their riders.

The Province says there is signage in many areas alerting drivers to use caution and be courteous when passing horses and risers.

According to the province, horses and riders are recognized road users in the Motor Vehicle Act.

Drivers are encouraged to remember the following:

  • Slow down long before getting too close,
  • Pass at a slower speed, and give the horse and rider a wide berth
  • brake and accelerate gently to avoid making extra noise or spraying gravel
  • turn off stereos, and do not honk, yell, or rev the engine.
  • if travelling by bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle, ride quietly and approach single file
  • if a horse appears agitated, wait for the rider to get it under control before passing

Horse riders should also use caution on roads. Riders are advised to wear reflective vests, as well as outfit horses with high-visibility leg bands when possible.

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