BC’s major tourism destinations can now apply for more support from the provincial government.

“Everyone in B.C. has fond memories of visiting or working at our province’s many major anchor attractions. Many communities depend on tourism landmarks to boost the local economy, bring visitors to town and provide many young people with their first jobs,” Premier John Horgan says, “We are helping these important businesses survive today so they are ready for a strong recovery, and future generations can enjoy these iconic institutions for years to come.”

The Major Anchor Attractions Program will help with expenses for major anchor attractions and tour bus companies, such as payroll, rent, and utility costs related to restarting operations.

The funding is available for not-for-profit organizations as well as businesses.

Criteria is different for different attractions:

  • major anchor attractions in urban centres that receive 75,000 or more visitors per year are eligible for up to $1 million.
  • major anchor attractions in rural areas that receive 15,000 or more visitors per year are eligible for up to $500,000.
  • Tour bus companies that serve more than 30,000 or more passengers are eligible for up to $500,000.
  • Some ‘turnstile’ attractions such as amusement parks, wildlife parks, or museums.

A full list of criteria can be found on the BC Government’s website.

Applications for funding will be open until June 7th, with funding provided in July 2021.