The Cariboo could be in store for a warm May this year.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Bobby Sekhon says there will be a fairly typical spring pattern over the next week. “We’ll see fluctuating temperatures and some days that will be dryer and other days that will have showers”, Sekhon says, “Thursday will be a relatively warmer day, but then also the possibility of showers especially in the afternoon and evening, and then we hit a bit of a dry stretch until maybe early next week.”

Sekhon says the rest of the month could possibly be warmer than average. “It’s not looking very conclusive at this point, however, there is some indication that could be warmer than average for the second half of May,” Sekhon explains.

Sekhon says there is nothing unusual in the forecast for the month. “We are going to see an upper low come through BC on Thursday that may be a little a couple of weeks ahead of schedule,” Sekhon explains, “That’s not entirely uncommon for spring.”