The new Volunteer Recognition Program will get underway in May.

City Councillor Laurey-Anne Roodenburg says it has been expanded to include more groups and more people.

“What it does is allows us to highlight all of our volunteers throughout the year.   So each month will be organized as a specific group, such as in May culture can be recognized.   So any of our groups that are involved in the culture scene can fill out the form on-line and recognize who they are, what they do, as for support if they need more volunteers.”

Roodenburg says groups need to fill out a form on-line.

“It’s very self driven, and so what they get is that recognition on the city’s web page around their particular volunteerism within their organization.   So it’s not about winning anything, it’s about the recognition, it’s about the community knowing and understanding how much volunteerism drives our community.”

There is a different topic for every month, expect for April, which is recognized as volunteer month across Canada.

Roodenburg says volunteers will be recognized in every month except for April, as it is already recognized as volunteer month across Canada.

This program replaces the Quesnel Volunteer Citizen of the Year program that last happened in 2018.

Roodeburg says the City would like to thank the past Quesnel Volunteer Citizen of the Year Committee for their hard work throughout the years.

Culture (May)
Youth Programs (September)
Health and Family (January)
Sports – Adults (June)
Agriculture (October)
Seniors (February)
Sports – Children (July)
Service Organization (November)
Arts (March)
Community Environment (August)
Special Interest (December)